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"Theodora Argento" in Ukraine. "Theodora Argento" - one of leading firms-producers of copies of the Byzantine and Russian miraculous icons with the use of silver, gilt and stones. Holy faces are silk-screening prescribed on a canvas on a technique by the best artists of Greece. Sheeting prevents icons from dimming. Due to high quality of products "Theodora Argento" has a high estimation of consumers in the whole world.

We invite to the collaboration wholesale customers and hope on long and fruitful work. We will be glad to see you in the number of our clients.

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Will be presented also new icons, hand-written on canvases with causing of leaf gilt on technology (metaxitip) - copy of the Byzantine and Russian icons. Icons are copies of the Byzantine icons which are situated in monasteries on SAINT MOUNTAIN AFON and in monasteries on SAINT METEORS.

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