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The motherland of icon-painting is consider Byzantium.
From the birth Byzantium named «Country of cities», and the population of this great sea and auction power differed high literacy and rich cultural traditions. Modern judges of art and today stop beating in admiration before high appearances of art and literature of this medieval state.

And already from VI age Constantinople grows into the glorified orthodox center of the medieval world, "palladium of sciences and arts".

Rich cultural traditions of this great power are today continued by Greece. Exactly divine appearance materializes the hands of Greek masters in icons. And a word "icon" in a translation from Greek means "appearance", "image".

An icon is inalienable part of Orthodox divine service and Sacred Legend our Church lives in which, window in the world zapredel'nyy, through which life-giving and saving light descends to praying.

In our time it is heavy to present dwelling of orthodox christian without appearances of JESUS CHRIST, Virgin Mary, Sainted saints of God and twelve holidays.

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